In this engaging video essay, Darren Foley of Must See Films explores the lifestyle of one of the greatest filmmakers in all of cinematic history in hopes to find out how the way he lived influenced the way he made films.

You could study Kubrick's work and learn so much about him. You could learn about his favorite lenses, explore the themes in his films, or read up on the ones he never made. You could find out which filmmakers influenced him, listen to his rare interviews, or even hear about what he was like from those who knew him best.

However, it might be even more beneficial to learn about his philosophy on life, how he approach the world as well as the knowledge contained within it. Foley's video reveals that. Yes, he was obsessive, and yes, he was a perfectionist, and yes, he insisted that his cast and crew work incredibly long hours to get the shots that they needed. But, if you start to understand why he was this way, his exceptional body of work begins to make more sense.

He loved film in the same way he loved his family. He kept them both close and accessible; his home and his sets became places where he could give himself to both his loved ones and his work. He intentionally made his world as accommodating as possible to the things he was passionate about, which is a lesson I think we could all learn.

Love it. Obsess over it. Perfect it. And then do it. Just—do it.

Source: Must See Films