Whether or not you storyboard with 1,000 drawings, the practice helps us "see" our films before we hit record. But finding the right one for your project can prove to be a challenge. That's why it's exciting that production management platform StudioBinder has made seven different storyboard templates available for free on their site.

Each template was designed with features that both appeal to the varying tastes of filmmakers and meet the needs of different kinds of productions. They come in both landscape and vertical 2, 3, and 6-frame layouts, with available space for notes and set plans. Additional features include fields for project name, scene, shot, and page count, as well as camera angle checkboxes and "lens notes" sections.

TemplateHere's an example of one of StudioBinder's free storyboard templates.

StudioBinder co-founder Shant Kiraz told us that they also plan on adding another template based on the feedback they received from Interstellar and Inception storyboard artist Gabriel Hardman that features a 3-frame portrait layout that has enough space to draw outside the frame.

Again, all of these downloads are 100% free. You can pick and choose the ones you want or simply just download them all. You don't need to be a StudioBinder member either—in fact, no information is required at all to download.

Free stuff? And I don't have to give out any info? Sounds good to me! You can download StudioBinder's free storyboard templates here.

Source: StudioBinder