As we talked about earlier today, RED Digital Cinema’s President Jarred Land announced that a limited amount of these cameras would be available for purchase yesterday afternoon for one day only, and within 15 minutes every unit was snatched up. And, as most of you probably predicted, more questions would be answered about the new RED WEAPON with HELIUM 8K S35 Sensor once it made it out into the wild.

Not only did RED released some beautiful images of the limited edition 8K camera, but a full list of specs was made available in the camera's product description. Except for the expected boost in resolution, thanks to the HELIUM sensor, the other features are comparable to those of the original WEAPON.


Naturally, RED included some product photos in the camera's description as well.





"IMAX performance in your pocket is now."

It should only be a matter of days when we get to see test footage and reviews popping up online—but the real insight will come in October when the Helium sensor makes its way into a select number of RED camera models, including the Weapon Magnesium and the new Epic-W. However, director Mark Toia shared his initial thoughts after receiving a HELIUM WEAPON to test:

This completely new sensor design with half sized pixels squeezed down into S35 ( which is only unique to this camera ) gives image attributes far greater than I thought possible. Clean!!!! is the word—It's like going from HD to 4K for the very first time. This is as close as I can describe the gap between 6K to 8K. This is game changing as much, if not more than the VV in some aspects. As these tiny pixels have taken this camera into a zone that complete kills dead professional stills cameras. Put it this way: shooting at 1600 - 2500 ASA is like as clean as 800 in 6K. Most of my tests so far have been low light at 3200 and upwards in mixed lighting. I'm trying to find the weak point. Short answer is. This thing will shake the world probably more than its big brother. Especially knowing that all your favourite S35 cinema glass that you thought you may have to throw out just got turbo charged. IMAX performance in your pocket is now.

Mark_toiaMark ToiaCredit: Facebook

Red_postCredit: Facebook

So again, we'll have to wait a little while longer to see some more footage. (If you haven't already seen the short film Underdog that was shot on the HELIUM WEAPON, check it out here.)