The new GoPro Hero5 Black is better protected and more durable than ever before. For the first time, it is natively waterproof and capable of 33 feet of underwater work without a case, but that doesn't mean the camera is invincible. It's still a tiny piece of electronics with a lens on front, and considering the situations many filmmakers put their GoPros in, it makes sense that you'll want extra protection for it. If you want to throw it off a cliff, there's a tool for that, but for more mundane situations like strapping the GoPro to the outside of a biplane, the handlebars of a motorcycle, or the head of an elephant during a stampede, Genustech has a solution.

Genus_cage_rearGenus Tech Rear Plate SlideCredit: Genustech

CNC machined out of high quality aluminum, the Genus Cage for the Hero5 Black offers several attractive features. While the traditional GoPro accessory line is fantastic, and is compatible with this case through the included GoPro mount adapter, the cage also includes 9 different 1/4-20 tripod mounting points, allowing for a wide variety of mounting positions to a variety of traditional and non-traditional film tools. The cage also has a 52mm thread mount for the lens, allowing the use of filters or thread mount lenses, and includes a filter cap to clip cover the lens when the package isn't in use. 

Genustech_with_lens_capGenustech with Lens CapCredit: Genustech

The price is very reasonable at $49, just 13% of the Hero5 Black's $399 retail, and less than half of the $125 launch price of the Genustech case for the Hero3, though that has since been discounted to only $69. If it still feels a bit steep for a simple protective case, remember that in the case of an accident, it potentially saves you from having to purchase an entirely new camera. For the type of filmmaker who puts a GoPro into hazardous situations repeatedly, or someone just a bit clumsy, the case has the potential to save your GoPro more than once. 

It is available now from the Genus site.

Genus_cage_accessoriesGenus Cage AccesoriesCredit: Genustech

Tech Specs:

  • 99g / 3.5oz without camera, 215g / 7.5oz with camera
  • L80mm xW60mm x H38mm
  • 9 threaded 1/4-20 holes
  • 52mm Filter Thread built into the cage
  • CNC High Quality Aluminum housing
  • 360-degree protection
  • Screw-free back plate with rear mounting option
  • Accessibility Window to allow for HDMI output and USB external Power
  • Mounting position for the cage allows the camera lens to be centered optically with a tripod or other camera mount
  • Includes hot shoe mount, GoPro mount, 52mm lens cap, small carry bag