We've all done it—we get up from watching a film and think, "Yeah, that was pretty good, but it would've been so much better if they just fixed that one thing." Well, the folks over at CineFix have done this, too, only they named their filmic irks in a bunch of great and not-so-great movies in a roundtable discussion. If you're in for some cinematic nerdery, check out the video below.

Other than 1.) recasting Matthew Broderick as Adult Simba in The Lion King, 2.) changing the third act in almost every movie, and 3.) remaking The Last Airbender in its entirety (and giving that film the damn title it deserves because to this day I still call it "Avatar, no the bad one"), I'd say that the one change I'd make to a film would be the talkie scene in The Artist. When that film came out in 2011, I was actually studying an extensive unit on the silent film era and was so jazzed that a modern day silent film was about to hit the big screen. Then all of a sudden near the end of the film—I hear—the voice of Jean Dujardin, and I was immediately disappointed.

Now, there is one glaring argument one could make against removing the "talkie" bit from that scene. The film is about how the transition from silent films to talkies drives two lovers apart, so you can't really blame director Michel Hazanavicius for including it. And I admit, having a scene that represents that transition is perfect in so many ways, but still—as a lover of silent films, I wanted my damn silent film!

Theartist03'The Artist' (2011)

What about you? What's one thing you'd change about a film if you could? Or what's one movie you'd change altogether? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: CineFix