There's nothing worse than getting near the end of a day of shooting only to realize that you're low on battery life. We've all been there—sweating, shaking, panicking to figure out how to squeeze out just enough juice to get us through the rest of the shoot. Maybe you forgot to fully charge them, or maybe they just don't hold a charge the way they used to. Either way, this helpful video from SLR Lounge provides 7 tips that will help you lengthen the life of your batteries, even just a little, so you can avoid having to cut your shoot short.

Now, you might be a good, responsible, professional filmmaker who did your due diligence the night before and charged all of your batteries—or you might be a good, responsible, professional filmmaker who just totally spaced it. No judgement here. The fact is that sometimes, for whatever reason, you need just a tiny bit more power to get through your last few shots or to at least make it through the kiss at the end of a wedding ceremony so you can regroup, recharge, and get back to work.

Here are the 7 tips from SLR Lounge:

  • Turn off all wireless connections
  • Turn off stabilization
  • Turn off automatic sensor cleaning
  • Turn off LCD image-review/playback
  • Turn down your LCD screen brightness
  • Turn off your camera when not shooting
  • Replace batteries that aren't lasting as long as they used to

Even though these tips take into account how batteries consume power during a photography shoot, they will still aid you in conserving battery life while shooting video—though it may not be as significant. But when in dire straits, anything helps!

Head on over to SLR Lounge to read their full blog post, which is full of other helpful insight about conserving battery life.

Source: SLR Lounge