If you're out working on set or in the field, having a waist pack is incredibly helpful for keeping all of your important gear and accessories on you at all times. One option is Fangs Film Gear's new Viper Sling Bag, which is designed to carry two GoPros in one pouch, and a whole bunch of cables and accessories in another.

Check out this video to get an idea of some of the Viper Sling Bag's cool features.

You can wear the Viper Sling Bag in two ways: you can drape it over your shoulder like a bandolier or wrap it around your waist if you've got more gear to carry. The back of the bags utilize the same red and green color-coding as their Wolf Packs for organizing full and spent batteries and memory cards. Though it only comes in one size (32" - 72"), Fangs Film Gear says they'll make you a custom Viper Sling Bag to fit your needs. (You can get in touch with them here.)

Though they're advertised as a storage solution for GoPros and their accessories, these things can be used to store any smaller pieces of gear/tools you have, like batteries, cables, markers, or a light snack for when you get peckish on set. However, the thought of having something like this to carry around my GoPro without it being overly obstructive makes my heart happy.




At $100 per unit, the Viper Sling Bag is certainly not cheap; there are many waist packs that have virtually the same function that are $20 -$40 cheaper. However, a few desired features that most other bags don't have are the red/green color-coded pockets and the ability to use it in bandolier and waist-strap modes.

If you're interested in learning more about the Viper Sling Bag, head on over to Fangs Film Gear.

Source: Fangs Film Gear