Here's a terrifying on-set scenario: Your entire crew has worked super hard to get the set ready for the next scene. The talent is completely prepared. Everyone's all set up. You change out the battery for your camera only to realize—it's dead. And as you fumble around looking for a fresh one, everybody is looking at you and it's mortifying and you can't find a good battery because how the hell are you supposed to know which ones are good when you don't have a system for that and now you're thinking your dad was right about going to business school and quitting "all of this Hollywood crap." (We've all be there, right?) You need to get organized with your batteries, bruh.


If you're in need of solutions when it comes to gear management, these Wolf Packs from Fangs Film Gear might be a good fit for you. They have a simple green-for-go, red-for-no design; put your fresh batteries in the green pocket, and your dead ones in the red. They come in three sizes to fit the volume of batteries and/or memory cards you go through, which is especially helpful for those that work on long shoots and need to change out their batteries several times throughout the day. The Wolf Packs also have a carabiner so you can hang/attach it anywhere, which is a pretty nice touch.

Key Features

  • Dual pockets (green/red sided)
  • 3 sizes (3oz, 5oz, 8oz)
  • Carabiner
  • Weather resistant


  • Small: $30
  • Medium: $35
  • Large: $40
  • All 3: $100

There are certainly some cheaper/free ways to organize your batteries and memory cards so you can be more prepared when you walk on set but if you've got a little change you're looking to spend on something specifically designed to help manage your gear, the Wolf Pack looks like it does just the trick. Head on over to Fangs Film Gear to learn more.

How do you organize your full/empty batteries and memory cards? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Fangs Film Gear