There are all types of cases, bags, and pouches that store your camera lenses—some of you might just toss them into whichever gear bag you use—but Fangs Film Gear has come out with their line of Panther Lens Bags that not only protect your lenses, but allow you to clean them, too. Check out the promo video below to learn more.

The Panther Lens Bags have a lot of cool stuff going on. They're double-walled, weather resistant, and durable enough to avoid ripping, stretching, or fraying. They also come in three different sizes to accommodate everything from a small prime lens to a long zoom. But the thing that makes these lens bags worth talking about is their inner lining, which has lens-grade microfiber cloth sewn right in so you can clean your lens whenever you need.

Here are the prices and dimensions for each bag size:

  • Small (5"x 7"): $20
  • Medium (6" x 8"): $23
  • Large (6.5" x 9.25"): $25
  • 3 Pack: $65

Even though there are other ways to store lenses, these lens bags are a pretty nifty item for filmmakers, especially those who have a knack for losing their lens cloths. So, if you're interested in learning more, head on over to Fangs Film Gear.

Source: Fangs Film Gear