"12 Days of Christmas" gets a lot of attention during this time of year, especially in the blogosphere—it's always "12 Days of Something." If you read literary blogs you've probably seen "12 Days of Brontë." If you read self help blogs it might be "12 Days of Loving Yourself." And if you read film blogs it's "12 Days of Camera Hacks" or something like that.

But Fandor Keyframe has taken the classic tune to create an entertaining video series that is equal parts holiday cheer and cinematic education. Entitled Twelve Days of Fandor, the series reinterprets each line of the song to find some kind of cinematic significance. Check out the first five below!

There's actually a lot to learn from these kinds of supercuts, ones that highlight a single thing that shows up in a lot of films, like doors, stairs, or even evil Santas. However, it's also just a fun little series that might get you in the spirit of the season, no learning or hard work required. 

There are still seven days to go, so be sure to check Fandor's website or Vimeo channel to see the rest of the videos in this series. (Is anyone else wondering how the hell are they going to interpret "a partridge in a pear tree?")

Source: Fandor Keyframe