Last year Fandependent launched as a destination for feature films. For $3, you can become a "fan" of a film and the filmmakers are awarded based on the amount of "fans" they have. By filmmakers, for filmmakers, Fandependent is using their model to raise awareness about lesser known work. Not only that, the money goes straight to the filmmakers. The Fandependent Winter 2017 festival partners include Hammer to NailFilm Pulse and Film Fervor.

"For 2017, we will be moving on from screening feature films and will be showcasing shorts only (of 30 minutes or less). In addition, we will be giving away $2,000 in prizes to our top three films."

Fandependent Films Now Accepting Short Films 2017Credit: Fandependent

Fandependent is free to the public and is run quarterly, one each season. Every day at 7PM CST, a new short film is released.

What I've found great about Fandependent is the fact that it provides another bridge/release window in the lifespan of your film. How you use it is up to you, whether it's before or after your festival run, during a lull or during the height of your buzz. Whenever you use it, Fandependent's no-fuss system makes it really easy to use as another excuse to drive traffic to your film.

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Featured image: Still from 'Mr Night Has a Day Off,' Fandependent.