February 21, 2017

Aputure Introduces Waterproof Messenger Bag for the Light Storm Series

Aputure Lightstorm Messenger Bag
Waterproof bags!

I'm a huge fan of the fixtures in Aputure's Light Storm line, and I've wanted to find an excuse to talk about them more for a while. Thankfully, the company's new bags give me just that. Aputure has steadily increased the level of their game over the past few years and has been making quality, reliable and affordable fixtures compared to most LEDs on the market.

I've used the Light Storms on most of my sets in recent history, including on my latest feature last summer. With very pleasing high CRI LED arrays (it's the one I always pull out first for good skin tones out of the box), the Light Storm series can be color changeable, battery powered, wirelessly controlled and draw very little power. The challenge is: how do you carry them around? Solved!

Sure, I'll take the criticism that this post is indulgent; it's more to give props to Aputure's Light Storm line than to talk about its new messenger bag, but I'm a huge bag nerd and it's awesome too. The $69 bag features a waterproof outer canvas shell and carries one LS1 or two LS 1/2s.

Aputure Lightstorm LS1's Slim Profile fits into Messenger Bag

Product specs:

  • Fits One LS 1s/1c or Two LS 1/2ws Lights
  • Top Flap and Zip Opening for Easy Access
  • Padded Interior with Movable Dividers
  • Padded, Interior, Accessory Sleeve
  • Dual, Connecting Top Strap Handles
  • Adjustable, Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Water-Resistant PVC Construction
  • Rubber, Bottom Corner Protectors

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