Knowing which of your memory cards are full and which ones are empty can be tricky when you're in the middle of a shoot. There are several different solutions that'll help you organize them, but these little bags from Fangs Film Gear are not only specifically designed to do so, but they're so small they can fit in your pocket. Check out this promo for the Wolf Cub memory card holder:

If Wolf Cubs look familiar, you probably have heard of Fangs Film Gear's Wolf Packs, which are essentially the same things, only much larger. They have a two-sided red/green design to help you organize full and empty memory cards: empty goes in red, full goes in green.

The cool thing about Wolf Cubs, though, is that their small size and carabiner allow them to be attached to pretty much anything, from your keychain to your camera. Or if you like to live dangerously, you can just throw them in your pocket and call it good.



Wolf Cubs are tiny (2.75" x 2.75"), weight 0.5oz, and are made of weather-resistant pack cloth. They're pretty spendy, at $23, but these handmade bags might be just what you're looking for in a media storage solution. To learn more, head on over to Fangs Film Gear.

Source: Fangs Film Gear