Watch: This Is What 'La La Land' Would Look Like as an 8-Bit Video Game

The 8-bit video game version of "La La Land" might be the cutest animated remake of a Oscar-nominated musical you see today.

Damien Chazelle's La La Land has already garnered so much attention from fans and critics, especially in the final leg of awards season. We've seen everything from exclusive behind-the-scenes content to Jimmy Fallon's homage at the Golden Globes, but now CineFix has given it its famous 8-bit Cinema treatment and turned the musical into a classic video game. Check it out below, but if you haven't seen it, beware of spoilers!

This video is admittedly super cute and definitely pokes fun at some of the film's pivotal moments. However, it would've been cool to see more of the memorable sequences, like the impressive opening scene or "City of Stars" scene.

The Academy Awards are only a few days away and though some of us (me) would love to see Moonlight go home with the Oscar for Best Picture, the frontrunner still appears to be La La Land. If it doesn't win, though, Chazelle can still look back and see his beautiful film immortalized in this 8-bit tribute.     

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OMG! This is my favorite film. I watched it twice in the cinema! I can`t wait for the Oscar`s night! I am going to write the big article for one site, you`ll be able to find it here.

February 22, 2017 at 9:37AM


I know this article is over 3 years old, but I love it and the scenes and text boxes are distinctly from an NES game I played as a kid: Star Trek 25th Anniversary Edition.

August 7, 2020 at 8:29AM

Andrew Robertson
Video Producer