If you own an Alexa, you're already a pretty lucky person. Bright Tangerine just gave us a preview of its new accessories for the Alexa Mini, which will make your filming go even smoother.

The company showed off a side plate for both the camera operator's side and assistant's side, with rosettes and threads for any accessory to be easily attached. Also, its new power distribution box gives the user tons of powering options, including:

  • Three 12 volt outlets
  • 24 volt/RS
  • 5 Volt USB
  • Mains power in 

This keeps everything in a fixed position so you don't have to play Tetris just to switch cards. The whole set goes on sale in about one week for under $2000.

Other new products include the Blackhole Mini and Revolvr Atom. The Blackhole Mini absorbs light and seals the space between the sense and the matte box. It works with lenses ranging in diameter from 50mm-114mm. 

The new Revolvr Atom is a smaller follow focus than its previous edition. There are two versions, one for Cine and one for DSLR, which differ in size. The swing arm is reversible and has a fast and slow setting.  It is compatible with 15mm rods, but with the new bridge plate, it can adapt to 19mm rods. The Revolvr Atom should hit the market relatively soon for a price point of $1600-$2400.

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