Sound Devices is well known for its high end mixers seen on a variety of big Hollywood productions, and they are now bringing that expertise to the mass market with the new MixPre 3 and MixPre 6 devices, both of which come in at under $1000. The MixPre line offers an exciting combination of mixer, recorder, and USB interface, all controllable via an on-unit touch panel or via BlueTooth with a mobile app.

Mixpre-3-dslrCredit: Sound Devices

Designed to fit well underneath your camera or in a sound bag, the main difference between the 3 and the 6 is the number of inputs, with the 3 offering 5 in/2 out and the 6 offering 8 in/4 out. The marquee feature is the Kashmir mic pre-amps, with a claimed -130dbv noise floor, 32bit analog-to-digital conversion, and analog limiters, which should offer tremendous sound quality and low noise in a small package. Both units offer simultaneous recording to an SD card and streaming over USB, which can be great for podcast and live broadcast workflows with included back-up.

The free Wingman app from Sound Devices allows the units to be controlled via Bluetooth, making the process of properly labeling clips and organizing media exceptionally easy.

Mixpre-3-dslr-sideCredit: Sound Devices

One nice feature is the "basic mode," which limits some menu options in order to make it easier to use for beginning filmmakers and to make the time to learn faster. In addition, it can be controlled over HDMI using the flag protocol, which makes it a great companion recorder for motion production since the audio will start and stop recording in sync with roll and cut on your video camera, making post syncing much easier. The units also feature both USB A and USB C connections, which is convenient, as the industry transitions from the old standard to the new. The market is already a crowded one, but the combination of high quality preamps with a wide variety of connectors should make this a strong entrant in the field.

Mixpre3mixpre6closeupstanding_1648Credit: Sound Devices

The MixPre-3 will sell at $649, with the MixPre-6 coming in at $899. Available from the B&H Sound Devices Store.

Tech specs

  • 32bit analog-to-digital conversion
  • Kashmir pre-amps with -130dbv noise floor
  • Simultaneous USB and SD recording
  • Compatible with Wingman app
  • MixPre-3 offers 96kHz, MixPre-6 offers 192kHz max sample rate
  • 24 bit depth
  • Dual USB-A and USB-C ports
  • MixPre-3 has 3 XLR ports, MixPre-6 has 4
  • Remote Control Via HDMI Flag