We reviewed Panasonic's smallest Varicam, the LT, last month and loved it. Just a few short weeks later, there is already a fresh firmware upgrade that brings a few small improvements and one marquee upgrade. The biggest feature in the new release is 240p raw output in 2K.

Generally, going to high speed involves some sacrifices. In this case, you are limited to 2K resolution instead of the camera's native 4K, but having the full latitude of raw data recording in Cinema DNG will make your colorist happy when it comes time to make the slo-mo work with the rest of your footage.

Panasonic_varicam-8_1Hard Panasonic Power Switch at Bottom of ImageCredit: Charles Haine

This feature works with Convergent Designs Odyseey 7Q+.  One nice additional feature of the firmware upgrade is a new "record check" function that will play back the first and last five seconds of a video clip. This is especially helpful to ensure that the entire clip recorded properly and also to evaluate the end of a clip for a tail slate. One final perk is that you can now restart the camera via software, without having to use the hard power switch seen in the image above.

Additional Details:

  • RDD18 (Camera metadata, including Clip name) on MON output
  • INFRA mode (Wireless network setting)
  • USER CLIP NAME TYPE3 on OSD is off as default (VariCam 35, HS & LT)
  • Deleted CPS password system (VariCam 35 & HS)
  • Fixed Card remain time bug of AVCLongG at 23.98p (VariCam 35, HS & LT)
  • Supports Canon EF 24-105mm F4 L-series USM lens (VariCam LT only)
  • Fixed Valid Frame Flag bug on RAW output (VariCam LT only)