We attended the launch event for the new Pansonic EVA1 camera last night at the Angelika theater in New York City and, in addition to seeing three short films shot to show off the camera in various extreme situations, we learned three new things about the platform that we either hadn't gotten a lot of attention or hadn't even been announced yet.

1. Smart lens data through EF mount

With cine-style cameras, we generally have to use /i lenses to get lens data from a PL mount lens, and while often the FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) information isn't particularly helpful, it does have some real applications, especially in post production compositing. So far, we haven't seen any indication that the PL mount Sigma Cine Zooms had /i support, but it appears that the EF mount cine zooms have lens data support, as we were seeing one last night mounted to an EVA1 passing on lens data. Change your zoom, it appears in the viewfinder, and hopefully will travel on to post.  You can see it in the image below, with the Sigma Cine Zoom, showing off its glow in the dark markings and passing along data to the viewfinder.

Nofilmschool_panasonic_eva1_launch_2_of_2Credit: Charles Haine

2. IR cinematography

We had seen it in the spec sheet, but last night was the first time we got to hit the button in the menu that removed the IR filter from the sensor, allowing for full on IR cinematography. If you love the IR sequences in Soy Cuba and ALEXANDER, or in general just prefer to have more options on your shoot, this should be an exciting feature. You can see the pink cast on the footage in the still at the top, which is in IR mode.

3. Full-frame touchscreen viewfinder menu

The EVA1 doesn't ship with a viewfinder, only a small monitor. While some cinematographers will be frustrated, many will be relieved to not be paying for a feature they just don't use like they used to (and, of course, there are many aftermarket viewfinders like the Zacuto that are excellent considerations). The camera is capable of delivering a full screen, touch-enabled version of its menu settings to that little monitor, making it the perfect "dumb-side" assistant screen, provided you have another monitor to operate from. 

Nofilmschool_panasonic_eva1_launch_1_of_2Credit: Charles Haine

The EVA1 also allows for separate image previews on every output; you can set up the stock monitor for menus, while putting out log view to the HDMI for your lock operating monitor, and a linear Rec.709 preview over SDI for your client monitor—which makes the EVA1 a camera ready for diverse shooting situations at a friendly price point.

For more on the EVA1 see our final specs post or check out the pre-order page at B&H. Shipping "late" October, with the impression given at the event that that means Halloween. We'll take that "treat"!