If you could pick any living filmmaking legend to teach you the art of making films, who would you pick? If you said Martin Scorsese, your dream is about to come true. The human cinematic encyclopedia himself is the latest high-profile filmmaker to join the ranks of MasterClass instructors, which includes director Werner Herzog, composer Hans Zimmer, screenwriters Shonda Rhimes, David Mamet, and Aaron Sorkin, as well as actors Steve Martin, Dustin Hoffman, and Kevin Spacey.

Check out the promo for Scorsese's MasterClass to get a taste of what you're in for.

If you're unfamiliar with MasterClass, it's an online platform that gives users the chance to learn from some of the most renowned experts in a given field, whether it's cooking, music production, or chess, through a series of videos (2-5+ hours), class workbook, and interactive assignments.

All coursework is designed by the instructor, so this means that yes, Scorsese's class will teach you things that he himself thinks will benefit you as a filmmaker, an exciting thing to think about considering the gravitas of his position in cinema. But why would such a successful Oscar-winning director want to take the time to participate in something like this? He explains his motivation in a press release:

I was excited by this project because it gave me a chance to pass down my own inspirations and experiences and practices and evolutions, not as a blueprint for how to make movies but as a guidepost, an offering to young people attempting to find their own way. It was so important for me to have people that passed down their own knowledge when I was young, and MasterClass has given me an opportunity to try it myself.

MasterClass CEO and Co-Founder David Rogier makes a great point about why Scorsese might be one of the best filmmakers to learn from, and it's not just because he's great at what he does.

Scorsese is one of the most influential filmmakers of all-time, but he’s also an eternal student. What makes him such a great teacher isn’t just his mastery, but his love of learning. This is a once in a generation opportunity.

$90 will get you lifetime access to Scorsese's MasterClass, which will become available in early 2018. Ninety bones does not seem like a high price to pay to learn filmmaking from one of the greatest cinematic masters in history.

If you want to pre-enroll, head on over to MasterClass.

Source: MasterClass