If you're a Shogun Inferno 4K recorder user, you might want to consider updating to AtomOS 8.4 as it now brings 10-bit Raw 2K 100/120/200/240p to ProRes and DNX, 12-bit Raw to CDNG up to 4K 30p and 10-bit Raw 2K 100/120p to CDNG for the Panasonic Varicam LT. With this release, Shogun Inferno now has raw support for Sony, Canon and Panasonic cinema cameras. 

In an earlier firmware update, Atomos added Dual-link and Quad-link 3G-SDI connectivity for ProRes/DNxHD recording as well as 4K Raw 100/120fps burst support for the Sony FS5 and FS700.

Shogun InfernoCredit: Atomos

As HDR becomes integrated into more workflows, Atomos aims to make recording and delivering the high dynamic range format just as easy as standard dynamic range. The Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) HDR output of cameras like the Sony FS5, Z150 and Panasonic GH5 can now be recorded directly to the Shogun and Ninja Inferno recorders with the correct metadata flags embedded into the Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR .MOV files. With this metadata, the recorded clips can be used in an end-to-end HLG workflow. 

The HLG clips can be natively edited in NLEs that support HLG or uploaded directly to YouTube HDR in HLG to be played back on any SDR TV. Playback can be achieved through from HDR supported devices like the Google’s ChromeCast Ultra and Amazon’s Fire TV with 4K Ultra over HDMI to any SDR or HDR TV. 

Shogun InfernoCredit: Atomos

For both HLG and PQ formats, the HDR info frames detected on the HDMI input can be used to automatically set the gamut and gamma of the Shogun or Ninja Inferno’s display. The HDMI output will also transmit the correct HDR info on loop out to other devices downstream. 

Additionally, Atomos added an option to convert regular camera Log inputs from a wide range of cameras to display in HDR using either PQ or HLG, with a choice of output color gamut. 

Shogun Inferno

In the audio menu, there's now an option to embed analog audio into the loop out signal for both Shogun and Ninja Inferno. Users can select which channel they want to embed and it will replace the existing channel on the loop out. The audio meters will continue to show the input signal. 

If you're a RED user, Atomos included HDR support to display the output of the camera or the footage using Log3G10 curve with REDWideGamutRGB in a IPP2 color pipeline. 

You can download the free update here

To learn more about Shogun Inferno or Ninja Inferno head over to Atomos

Other Shogun/Ninja Inferno Fixes

  • Improved file system performance for Atomos 4K Raw 2TB SSD to eliminate split files.
  • Fixed an occasional issue where audio recorded on channels 5 to 8 was corrupted when received from some equipment
  • Fixed an issue where audio noise was introduced from sources such as Nikon D800 and Microsoft XBOX
  • Fixed an issue where audio did not work on HDMI loop out at 4K 50p and 4K 60p with some TV’s
  • Fixed an issue with SDI output where audio was noisy when connected to some older devices