Supplementary footage, or b-roll, may not be something that's in the forefront of your mind when heading into production, but it really should be. Lots of novice filmmakers make the mistake of phoning in the style and design of these shots, thinking they can easily grab a camera and get a few quickies before they head for the door, but b-roll plays an integral role in making any film or video look polished and professional. In this video from The Film Look, you'll get to learn a few tips on how to shoot high-quality b-roll regardless of your budget.

The same things that are important when shooting principal photography are important when shooting b-roll. Good composition, lighting, and camera movement can turn mediocre footage into beautiful and dynamic imagery, so taking the time to think about not only how these kinds of shots will look, but how they'll communicate with your audience is worth the extra time and effort.

Remember, b-roll is the special sauce. It's the cherry on top. It breaks up the monotony of a talking head segment and gives visual context to each scene. So, give yourself some time and space to let your creativity come up with interesting ways to capture these images, whether it's shooting slow-motion, getting aerials, or simply using a slider. Your clients and your audience will thank you for it.

Source: The Film Look