This Clear Underwater Housing Is like Putting Your DSLR in a Condom

This waterproof housing not only lets you see your camera, but adjust it easily as well.

Waterproof housings are an absolute necessity if you're going to shoot underwater, but the main problem filmmakers face when using them is that they can't see or adjust their cameras once the unit is on. This is an issue JR deSouza aims to address with the Clear Outex, a transparent, malleable, and portable waterproof housing for underwater cinematography. 

Currently on Kickstarter, the Clear Outex has a lot of interesting features. It's stretchy enough to fit many DSLRs, lightweight and compact so you can take it on the go, and is waterproof at up to 33 feet. So, you know, it's basically like a condom for your camera.

The Clear Outex is an upgrade from the non-transparent design and functionality of the original, with an improved material composition that makes it more elastic and malleable, allowing for easier application and removal. Furthermore, a new manufacturing process reduces oxidization and deterioration, making the Clear Outex last much longer than its predecessor.

Key features

  • Lightweight, compact, malleable design
  • Modular design that works with tripods, lighting, domes, tethering, etc.
  • Clear visibility of all camera and lens functions
  • Improved material composition for easier installation and removal when needed
  • Noticeable increased elasticity and malleability
  • Reformulated compound design for improved longevity of covers

Avoiding the obvious condom jokes and innuendos (mostly because our editorial team just about covered them all privately), the Clear Outex Housing seems to be a pretty clever take on underwater housing units. Whereas most are bulky, hard cases, this one allows you to adjust the settings on your DSLR, as well as your focus and focal length. Granted, there are similar housings out there, but they tend to be more expensive with less sensible designs, like the Aquapac (which has been discontinued). For $100, the Clear Outex may be worth a try, especially since the alternative is going to cost you up to three times more.

If you want to learn more about the Clear Outex, head on over to Kickstarter    

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How can this piece of... plastic... be so expensive?!?
It cost over 10 times more than a similar DiCAPac and more than twice than a proper 40m underwater housing.
Is this a sponsored content? I am lost here.

November 2, 2017 at 11:51PM

Jupiter de la Bâtardise

You wanna trust your $2000+ DSLR in a $10 bag?

November 6, 2017 at 12:31AM


This looks like an interesting invention which could get more people using cameras around the water's surface. I wouldn't risk taking mine as deep as the manufacturers claim it can go though! The increase in pressure with depth underwater is one of the reasons hard cases are used. I must point out a mistake in this write-up: you seem to think that settings can't be controlled in a traditional hard underwater case - but that is not true. Most if not all settings can be adjusted. So this 'selling point' of this soft case is fixing a non existent problem.

November 3, 2017 at 12:56AM

You voted '+1'.

I don't think a condom is the best representation for this. Condoms break sometimes, and there is no "Plan B" pill to fix a wet camera.

November 3, 2017 at 10:01AM, Edited November 3, 10:01AM

Chance Hansen

Can this housing work with all kinds of camera and lens models? I'm getting a Sony RX100 V for my scube diving videos, this product looks perfect.

March 2, 2019 at 6:36AM