Unless you've got years and years of editing experience under your belt, you probably run into problems that you can't fix on a fairly regular basis. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you're up against a deadline. In this video, however, editor Justin Odisho walks you through how to fix five common issues you might face while working in Adobe Premiere Pro. Check it out below:

There are many little things that can go wrong when you're working with a powerful and complex piece of editing software. Knowing exactly how the program functions and what it can and can't do is certainly the best way to not only solve issues when they arise but to also avoid those issues altogether.

However, if you're new to editing and/or haven't had time to really dig into your NLE's functionality, videos like Odisho's are a great way to solve your current editing problems until you have the time to both gain experience and learn how your program works.

Here are the issues Odisho talks about in the video:

Size mismatches

Problem:  Your 1080 clips look really small on your 4K timeline or your 4K clips look cropped on your 1080 timeline.

Solution: Your problem can be solved by simply scaling up your 1080 clip or scaling down your 4K clip. It may not always be ideal to do this to your 1080 clips, since you might notice some image degradation, but you may not have any other choice.

Footage not dragging

Problem:  When you drag your clips over from your Media Bin, only the video or audio portion of the clip shows up on your timeline.

Solution:  Your video and audio tracks may have been deselected when you tried to drag your clip over. Once you select them (they will be highlighted), you will be able to drag over your entire clip (video and audio).

Media offline

Problem: All of your clips show up as a big, red "Media Offline" message.

Solution: This happens when you move your media to a different folder on your computer. Since Premiere Pro isn't able to locate it, you have to tell it where it is. You can do this by right-clicking your clip, selecting "Link Media," and then choosing the folder where you placed your clip.

Can't use Warp Stabilizer

Problem: Premiere Pro gives you an error message when you try to apply Warp Stabilizer to a clip.

Solution: Warp Stabilizer requires clip dimensions to work its magic, and if you've got a 4K clip on a 1080 timeline (or vice versa) it won't work. To fix this, you'll need to nest your sequence, so right-click the clip(s) on which you want to apply Warp Stabilizer and select "Nest."

Un-nest clips

Problem: You want to edit a nested sequence, but you can't because there isn't an "un-nest" option.

Solution: If Command+Z isn't an option to un-nest your clips, you can always double-click the nested sequence, which will take you to a separate timeline with the individual clips you've nested. From there you can copy and paste them into your original timeline. Another way to do this is by dragging the nested sequence from your Project Media Bin into your original timeline.

What are some other fixes for common editing issues? Let us know down in the comments below.

Source: Justin Odisho