We've previously covered the FCC selling chunks of the wireless spectrum off to mobile and cable companies which, in turn, left manufactures in the film/TV industry scrambling to offer rebates, trade-ins or upgrades for products that would be affected.

With the change, we've already started seeing wide-band products being offered as they cover a wider range of the wireless spectrum. Case in point, Zaxcom's new TRXCL3, a transmitter that links audio from a sound mixer/recorder and sends it to a camera to be used as a scratch track or for monitoring. 

Zaxcom makes professional products for production and post sound artisans, so if you're looking to step up your game you should check the company out. The TRXCL3 is ideal for workflows in film, TV or ENG. Its light-weight transmitter is designed for harsh punishment, coming in at less than a half pound. The coolest feature is that it can simultaneously transmit and record audio to an internal microSD card. So while you're recording on your main mixer/recorder and sending audio to the camera, you can automatically back up what you're sending to camera onto its memory card.

TRXCL3Zaxcom TRXCL3 Wide-Band Camera Link TransmitterCredit: Zaxcom

If you're worried about privacy, all files are 100% digital and fully encrypted. Thie means that no one can try to pick-off the transmission and listen in. The TRXCL3 can also send timecode via BNC, and a single TA5 audio input offers a balanced stereo line level signal or it can be used as an AES input. A 3.5mm output provides another option to send audio out as well. The OLED is clear and provides easy menu navigation in dark-lit rooms. 

Zaxcom says the TRXCL3 works with all its receivers–QRX235, QRX200, RX200 and ERX3TCD–which are mounted to your camera to complete the transmit/receive system. The unit is available in two formats: “.5 band” covering frequencies between 512-614 MHz or “.6 band” covering 596-698 MHz. Wide-band transmitters and receivers are good news for those in sound. We're sure we'll be seeing other companies announce similar products throughout the year. Find more about the TRXCL3 at the jump

Tech Specs:

  • Wide-band transmitter
  • TA5 Input
  • Timecode
  • 3.5mm output
  • Internal Recording via microSD 
  • 12VDC power