The creation of wireless tools for on set use is one of the most dynamic areas for innovation in the industry at the moment. The current market leader in wireless video, Teradek, has just announced the purchase of RTMotion, integrating the full RT lineup into the Teradek brand as Teradek RT.

Currently, the model lineup is staying largely the same as it was under the previous owners, with the major change being a move for manufacturing from the UK to California. The RTMotion lineup has been quite robust, with up to 6-axis control available for the handgrip (the traditional focus iris and zoom, of course, but also extra axis control for motors attached to 3D rigs for controlling inter-ocular and convergence settings), powerful motors, and an available customized motor control unit designed to mount elegantly to the DSMC-2 RED body.

RT motor control receivers are particularly well known for their light weights, with the Latitude line designed especially for gimbal and drone use and available with integrated Canon LP power mounts for situations working with cameras that don't have p-tap power support.

Nofilmschool_teradek_rt_focus_motorCredit: Teradek

While apparently Vitec, who owns Teradek, likes companies under its banner to wait at least a year before integrating products, we are particularly excited to see what happens when Teradek and RT motion are designing solutions together. The potential for an integrated focus receiver/video transmitter—decreasing the need for power draw on the camera body and making rigging more simple—will be huge. Combining that with the potential for an integrated video receiver/focus controller, the potential for truly elegant wireless solutions feels like it's right there on the horizon. Teradek has already proved it can collaborate well to bring an elegant solution to market with the 703 Bolt, a project driven by its fellow Vitec stablemates at SmallHD.

Nofilmschool_teradek_rt_focus_controllerCredit: Teradek

While we're waiting on future integrated products, the RT Motion products are currently available as Teradek RT devices, now made in the USA. Available now at B&H.

Tech Specs:

  • Versatile 6-axis control for one to six motors, including 3D functions
  • Force joystick button for smooth zoom moves
  • Push-button menu control and OLED screen display
  • 16-bit transmission with up to 0.9-mile range, and 2ms of latency
  • 6-axis control with large knob, slider, and two side knobs
  • Internal antennas lessen possibility of damage
  • Robust aluminum construction
  • Updatable firmware via Mac OS X or PC
  • Uses the widely available Canon LP-E6 battery
  • Remote Start/stop functionality for RED, Blackmagic, Arri, and many more cameras.