In the world of live streaming, Vimeo might not be the first platform that comes to mind, but that's bound to change with the addition today of the Simulcast and Publish to Social features. Simulcastis a new feature available to all Vimeo Live users that allows creators to live stream from Vimeo and simultaneously to other platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Periscope. The advantage of Simulcast on Vimeo is that it's only a single input stream versus separate signals for each platform, saving bandwidth for the user. Afterwards, the live stream session is automatically added and archived to your Vimeo page.

Vimeo's New Publish to Social tool

In addition to Simulcast, Vimeo is also implementing a simple but much-needed tool called Publish to Socialfor Plus, PRO business and live plans, which allows creators to publish to standard social media platforms from Vimeo with one button. According to the company, "Instead of having to upload videos to each social platform separately, creators now have one home where they can manage their entire distribution strategy." This helps direct traffic to your content with sites like Facebook, which favors native uploads. On top of that, Vimeo's Publish to Social feature has side-by-side statistics so you can see which content is performing on which platforms.

Vimeo's New Simulcast & Publish to Social

In a press release from the company, CEO Anjali Sud said, “We are committed to helping creators succeed anywhere - on and off Vimeo. As ad-supported platforms become increasingly walled off to keep content on their sites, we are building new ways to be an agnostic distribution hub, so creators don't have to choose.” Sud added that the new social distribution tools will "give Vimeo creators a wider audience, deeper engagement, and a fundamentally simplified distribution process."

This new push from Vimeo to integrate with other platforms seems to be in service of positioning itself as a nucleus for content creators and trying to not leave any money (aka eyeballs) on the table, and it comes as another welcome addition to the family of online publishing tools in Vimeo's kit.

Source: Vimeo