Look in your gear bag right now. What's in there? A camera (duh), lenses (duh), memory cards, extra batteries, and chargers (duh, duh, and duh). There are tons of other important things you need to have on you at all times while shooting a film, not the least of which is gaff tape. This stuff is a lifesaver when you need to lay some cable, but that's not the only thing it can do. In this video by Burke Cullinane, learn the many ways you can utilize gaff tape on a film set. Check it out below:

If you've used gaff tape a lot, chances are you've found some weird ways to put it to good use. If you're a new filmmaker and haven't had the pleasure of its acquaintance, then these tips might help you get an idea of how multifunctional it is.

  • Laying/securing cable
  • Mounting gels to lights
  • Labeling stuff
  • Spiking and creating marks
  • Fixing broken stuff
  • Hanging stuff
  • Fixing ripped jeans (or any other busted ass apparel you're rocking)
  • Attaching stuff
  • Taping down noisy stuff that moves (like camera strap loops, blinds/shutters, a chatty PA...JK)
  • Removing lint/hair from your fancy duds

If your thirst for gaff tape tips has yet to be quenched, here are 50 more ways you can put it to good use.

What are some creative ways you've used gaff tape? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Burke Cullinane