POV shots are great for many different cinematic situations. You can use them to get your audience closer to a beautiful landscape for a documentary, make your narrative feature more immersive, or ramp up the tension in your thriller or horror film. If you're shooting your project on a smartphone, Dave Knop, also known as knoptop on YouTube, shows you how to put together a DIY head mount for capturing POV shots with your smartphone using nothing more than a baseball cap and a mobile tripod mount clip. Check it out below:

Assuming that most of you have a hat with a bill lying around somewhere, the only thing you'll really need to get your hands on is a tripod mount clip, which usually sells for $4-$10. All you have to do is put your smartphone in the clip and stick that thing on the end of your bill. Boom! You're done.

Word of caution, though, this head mount does not look like the most secure thing in the world, so be aware that your phone might take a spill if you move around too much. (Personally, I'd probably stay away from shooting over hard surfaces, like concrete or wood floors...but that's just me.) Also, you won't really be able to monitor since the screen will be too close to your face. If you don't mind a little danger and not knowing what your shot looks like while you're shooting, this cheap DIY solution is worth a try.

Source: knoptop