Dolly zooms, the camera moves that create the famous Vertigo effect, are relatively simple to pull off—just a push from a slider and a zoom of a lens and, boom, you're in business. But what if you want to create that effect with something that isn't so easy to zoom and slide around, like a drone? How do you choreograph a move like this with a camera like that? Well, you may not have to.

In this video, Matti Haapoja shows you a couple of different methods for achieving the Vertigo effect, the first being the traditional slide-and-zoom approach and the second, a super quick and easy trick you can do in post, perfect for those working with drone footage. Check it out below:

For the most part, I'm a big advocate of doing stuff in-camera if at all possible, even if it takes a little more time and effort. However, pulling off a dolly zoom with a drone, especially if you're shooting by yourself, seems like something that is a lot more time/energy/money than it's worth for most projects.

Besides, the technique Haapoja mentions in the video (which has been floating around for a while) not only looks just like a dolly zoom but it's so friggin' easy. All you have to do is put a keyframe at the end of your aerial clip and then go to the beginning of your clip and zoom in. That's literally it.

Try it out for yourself and let us know how it went in the comments below!

Source: Matti Haapoja