Color is arguably the most important visual ingredient for a film since, well, colored film. Where would the Coen Brothers be without their beloved greens? What's Carrie with no visible red? There are endless video essays and useful infographics about the psychology of color in film. But color is often treated as an afterthought, something to be dealt with in post-production, especially with all the powerful post tools available that are designed for doing just that.

In MZed's latest course, Directing Color, instructor Ollie Kenchington argues that color should be an inherent consideration of production itself. Kenchington, a professional colorist, uses course sections like Calibrating Color, Color Management, and Deconstructing Color to show you just how fundamental color can be to your storytelling, and how it can "add depth, meaning, and feeling to your images."

You can order an individual segment of the Directing Color class for $29 (or only $10 for the intro Perceiving Color segment) or own the whole 1h 25m course for download or streaming for $79. MZed also offers an annual subscription for $299 which offers a whole host of other filmmaking related courses, from The Art of Visual Storytelling taught by veteran Saturday Night Live DP Alex Buono and a Cinematic Masterclass from Philp Bloom. You can purchase individual courses, or join MZed Pro, where you can stream 140 hours of classes for $299 a year.