Licensing music for your film can be hard enough, but add to that wading through a virtually infinite number of songs and you've got a real needle-in-the-haystack situation on your hands. Fortunately, Musicbed has made the process of finding and licensing the perfect song faster and easier by completely rebuilding its full-service music licensing platform with all-new workflows, checkout process, and features that allow you to search for songs in its 700+ artist database using advanced options designed specifically with filmmakers in mind.

Integrated Browse + Search


Even with a highly curated roster of world-class artists, finding exactly what you’re looking for can be a challenge. That's why Musicbed has rebuilt the way you browse and search for content. You can narrow down your search in just a few clicks with "Include" and "Exclude" filters, or you can add a filter by simply typing it in.

This is an especially helpful tool when you have something very specific in mind, like a folk song that has a guitar, but no banjos, at 120 bpm, or if you just want to nix holiday music from your search when you're sweating in July. 

Brand-New Filters + Tools


What good are filters when they don't actually represent the things you want and don't want? Musicbed has introduced new advanced filters that were specifically chosen because they reflect not only the way filmmakers work but also what we care about when choosing songs for a film. New filters include BPM, Song Build, Length, Vocals, Lyrics, and many others.

So, if you're looking for a heart-pumping song to go with your heart-pumping action sequence, you can filter your search based on music with a high BPM, or if you need a song that can play through the entire length of a longer sequence, you can search for the right track to accommodate. 

Streamlined Checkout Process


Once you use Musicbed's new and improved browse and search tools to find the perfect songs for your project, the redesigned checkout process has made it easier and clearer for you to get the coverage you need when licensing a song. Answering a few simple questions from a drop-down menu is all it takes.

For those interested in taking advantage of all of Musicbed's new browse and search features, now might be a great time to go for it. Musicbed is offering No Film School readers 20% off your next on-site license. Just use the coupon code NoFilm20 at checkout. Offer expires July 1st, 2018.

Source: Musicbed