Digital Sputnik has built a reputation for making affordable, flexible, and innovative LEDs. Now the company is offering even more value to filmmakers through hands-on lighting and production workshops intended to teach a new generation of filmmakers and video creators the possibility of achieving professional results with the simple use of accessible tools. The first of these international masterclasses will take place in Los Angeles on the set of the latest film from the Finnish Iron Sky franchise, a dark science-fiction series inspired by conspiracy theories that has gained cult status.

Participants in the workshop will partake in lighting a major scene for Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race, the anticipated sequel of the sci-fi hit, which is set for release in autumn of 2018. In the hands-on workshop led by the film’s director Timo Vuorensola and DP Mika Orasmaa, you’ll learn the lighting process from start to finish and then continue on the coloring phase until the scene is complete.  

One of the reasons for kicking off the series with a sci-fi scene—which, incidentally,  involves a spaceship crash—is showcasing the impressive array of practical effects Digital Sputnik fixtures can now run. The much-anticipated Voyager fixture, for example, is an adaptable light source that is a great tool for creating motion effects as well an endless combination of animations. Of course, a sci-fi scene usually demands a wide selection of lighting tools and techniques, which is why it is an ideal ground for learning multiple lessons during one situation.

The series of master classes will not be limited to science fiction. In fact, the company plans to take advantage of the broad range of aesthetics and setups that its lights are known for being able to create. They have been used in everything from documentaries shot in tight spaces where heat-emitting light sources are banned, as in Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams, to Eastern European black & white arthouse cinema, to Radiohead’s music videos shot in freezing inaccessible locations to, of course, Hollywood studio blockbusters. The idea of the classes is to give the indie filmmaker the confidence and knowledge of how to recreate a wide variety of looks with a group of tools small enough that an entire truck is not required.

DP Mika OrasmaaDP Mika Orasmaa on the set of 'Iron Sky 2'

The first Digital Sputnik Cinema Lighting Masterclass will take place May 29-30 in Los Angeles. The $950 fee (or $850 for Voyager Indiegogo supporters ) includes all course materials and catering for the two days of class. It’s open to everyone on a first come, first served basis, but a basic understanding of the filmmaking process is recommended for participants. For more info and to sign up, email

If you can’t make the first masterclass, don’t worry, there will be more to come in the future of the series, and the company will also be releasing BTS excerpts from the classes online.