Trade shows are crazy intense places, with lights flashing, strobing, and otherwise distracting you from paying attention to what is front of you. However, at the YeGrin booth at Cinegear 2018, we saw an amazing demonstration of just how powerful the new AR-600 light is as Irfan Merchant pointed it up towards the ceiling, easily 25 feet away.  The unit bounced light off that high ceiling and created what Conrad Hall would have called "room tone," a base light level across the entire room that filled in all the shadows. As Merchant panned the light on and off, we were amazed at the noticeable difference in the room from this 600W unit, hitting the ceiling.  We were so excited about it that we already wrote up our initial impressions, but now you can see for yourself in the video above.

While we wait on individual 600 or 1000 watt LED units, YeGrin has hit on a great solution with a pre-built, single power supply LED source that will be popular with independent filmmakers trying to do night exteriors on a budget. Each lens can be individually re-bulbed, it stays cool enough to touch with your hand, and YeGrin is even making softboxes for it. With a price point of around $3000 each, you could potentially buy three and plug them all into a single wall outlet while having the bunch to light up a whole night street sequence.

Pricing and availability are coming this fall, stay tuned here we'll be reviewing them the second we can, and watch the YeGrin site for more info.