No matter how hard we try, there is always something we see at NAB and are not able to cover in detail. Among the many perks of Cinegear is that we get to follow up with items we might have missed, and top of our priority list for Cinegear 2018 year was the six light LED we saw from Korean company YeGrin in Vegas but weren't able to get more information on.

Fortunately, we got to chat with Heesung Choi from YeGrin at Cinegear and are even more excited about this unit than we were before. The dream of every shooter is wall-pluggable night exterior lighting, and while we wait on LED bulbs to get brighter, YeGrin has come in with a 6-light LED unit that gives the equivalent of a 2.5K HMI output while only pulling 600 Watts.

Screen_shot_2018-06-05_at_8Merchant's hand on the bulbCredit: YeGrin

Combining lights together to make for a more powerful unit is a common way to overcome the limitations of a single bulb.  Whether it's an old school 9 light, a bunch of HIVE units rigged together, or even the hundreds of bulbs in an LED like the Rosco Mix, you can often get more power by strapping some units together. With the YeGrin 3-light and 6-light units, the goal is clearly to offer affordable, versatile, wall-pluggable units as competition for HMIs.  

One of the beauties of these designs is that they are built not only around lighting units that don't generate a lot of heat, but whatever heat is generated is dispersed with giant heat sinks instead of fans. Considering the size of these units, the fans would generate a lot of noise, and while you are likely to place these units far from set, you might as well avoid fan noise if you can.  

Screen_shot_2018-06-05_at_8Credit: YeGrin

On top of all that, the units are waterproof. This obviously has benefits when working on a night exterior in the rain, but for those of you doing underwater work this will have huge benefits as well. No more keeping your HMI at least 10 feet from the side of the pool and hoping they have enough punch to reach underwater. These can work right up to the edge of the tank, or even in the tank, safely.


The unit will be distributed in North America by KameraTools. Estimated pricing is around $2000 for the 3-light unit and around $3000 for the six light unit. While we wait on these to hit the streets, you can check out the YeGrin site for more info.

Tech Info

  • 600W draw, 100W per bulb
  • 95CRI
  • Low heat
  • 10lb fixture weight
  • Low Heat Soft Box available
  • IP 65 Waterproof