The Sony NP battery is ubiquitous. We don't even own a Sony camera at the moment, yet we have no less than eight Sony NP batteries, used with a multi-plate Watson charger.  Why? Becuase they are kind of everywhere in filmmaking. LED lights, Atomos recorders, pretty much anything that needs power uses them. Now, Blind Spot has come out with a handy little adapter that lets you use a Sony NP battery to power anything that works with a USB cable or a 5V charging port: the Power Junkie.

The first, and most powerful, use of this is for ease of powering a DSLR. While DSLR and mirrorless cameras can create amazing images, they are often frustratingly hobbled by power solutions designed for still photography use. The batteries don't last very long, and when you need to change, you have to open the bottom, which can be difficult depending on how the unit is rigged. With the Power Junkie and a battery adapter, that ends; you simply mount the Power Junkie (via either its brass 1/4-20 mount or its cold shoe adapter) to your camera and plug in its battery adapter and you can use the massive, powerful, and easy-to-swap Sony batteries all day long.  This will be especially useful for filmmakers doing work like timelapse, where having to un-rig a camera to change a battery can ruin a shot.

Blind_spot_gear_kickstarter_power_junkie_skate_railCredit: Blindspot

On top of that, the USB out ports are a great way to start power accessories. On a fully functional camera package power routing for accessories is one of the major benefits, and as accessories get smaller, more of them will access some sort of USB power solution. On top of that, you could even take the Power Junkie and some of your Sony NPs camping to keep your phone charged while away from main power.

Check out the project now on Kickstarter.

Tech Specs

  • Sony NP battery plate
  • 2x USB output
  • 1x 7.2V DC output
  • Charge via USB C or Micro USB
  • Adapters for major platforms