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As it typically goes, the bigger the film project, the bigger the editing timeline. If you've edited shorts or YouTube videos, chances are you only use a handful of video and audio tracks to keep your assets organized—I mean, if you're the only one working in post and will be the one delivering the final product straight to the web, you probably don't need much more than that.

However, the timelines of professional editors who work on Hollywood blockbusters look—very different, and not only do they look different, but they are used differently as well. If you're interested in either getting a better idea of what one of these very complex (but strangely very organized) babies looks like or are interested in establishing a workflow for your own massive editing projects, Editor Vashi Nedomansky has created a timeline template for Adobe Premiere Pro users that will help get you on (ugh) the right track.

With over 14 years of experience working on projects like Gone Girl, Sharknado 2, and Deadpool, Vashi is not only a seasoned editor and editorial consultant, but he's also a huge voice in the filmmaking community, sharing his knowledge about the craft on his blog, Vashi Visuals. About this custom "blockbuster" timeline, he says:

The key to successfully editing feature films is starting with a project timeline that will handle all your assets cleanly over the arduous months of post-production. No matter what NLE you use for editing…the principles of organization and efficient workflow remain the same.

In this video, you get to see this timeline template in action, all while learning how to reveal track names when your tracks' height makes them too small to see.

Inspired by the timeline used by Editor Eddie Hamilton ACE did on Mission: Impossible - Fallout, this template includes 23 video tracks and 23 audio tracks, is available in 1-screen and 2-screen versions, and comes with custom layout and bin layout. And if the sheer size and depth of the timeline confuses or intimidates you, no worries. Vashi also wrote out all the track assignments, a key of sorts for each track of your timeline, so you don't have to wonder what each track is supposed to be used for.

Vashi Visuals - Blockbuster Premiere Pro Track AssignmentCourtesy of Vashi NedomanskyCredit: Vashi Visuals

This thing is free, gang! So head on over to Vashi's blog and download it now.

Source: Vashi Visuals