Here's a Sneak Peek at Adobe After Effects CC v2019

Adobe's upcoming release of After Effects is packed with new features. 

While After Effects 2019 isn't scheduled for release until later this year, Adobe just unveiled all of the new features that will come with the new version. Let's have a closer look at what Adobe After Effects CC 2019 has to offer. 

Overhauled Essential Graphics Panel

Motion graphic designers who create .mogrt files for Premiere Pro users have been especially annoyed with the lack of properties supported. This latest release now allows you to add customizable parameters to text elements. Give Premiere Pro users the ability to change the font, size, and style of any text element included.

In addition to customizable text, you can now keep things nice and neat in the Essential Graphics panel with a new grouping feature. Finally, keep intro and outro animations intact with a new Responsive Design option. Go to Composition > Responsive Design - Time to choose where you want to add a protected region.

Updated 3D Workspace

With Adobe AE 2019, creators will be able to use all of the 3D Channel effects on native 3D layers inside of After Effects. Prior to this, you could only use these effects with a properly formatted 3D element created in a 3D software application.

Now you can truly harness the power and creative possibilities of compositing 2D elements in a 3D space. 

Enhanced Puppet Tools

Adobe is investing a lot of love in its Puppet Pin tool. Advanced Puppet pins for Mesh Sculpting add new life to your animations. New pins allow you to define the position, scale, and rotation of the pin, giving you significant control over how the Puppet effect mesh deforms around that pin. Use Bend pins to create organic movements within a design, such as a breathing chest or a wagging tail.

Easier and Faster Expressions

A new Javascript engine allows you to speed up your animation workflow. Expressions will be easier to create and will run up to five times faster than before.

But wait, I'm not finished! Other features include—

Native Mocha Plug-In for After Effects

Track surfaces faster and more accurately with the new GPU-accelerated Mocha AE Plug-In for After Effects. Mocha AE is now an integrated plug-in with a simplified interface that runs natively in After Effects.

Performance & GPU Optimizations

After Effects runs faster with across-the-board performance improvements and nine new GPU-optimized effects, including Fill, Curves, Exposure, Noise and Color Balance (HLS), to help you work more efficiently.

End-to-end VR 180

Augment editorial workflows for immersive content with new support for VR 180 immersive content. Add VR 180 effects and work interchangeably with 180 and 360 material. Output finished videos in the Google VR180 format for viewing on YouTube or other platforms.

Format Support

Work faster with hardware-accelerated decoding of H.264 and HEVC video on macOS, and import files encoded with the HAP codec.

Selective Color Grading

Innovative new Lumetri Color tools for curve adjustments offer two axes with paired values for simplicity and precision.

And much more

Other new features include brand-new in-app learning tools for users who are starting out with After Effects, group invitations for Team Projects, Theatre Mode for previewing flat video in an HMD, the ability to set guide positions numerically, and more.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite feature? Let us know in the comment section below!      

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September 12, 2018 at 7:56PM


Mocha integration is great. New scripting seems great. Curves...nice;) Otherwise, the rest should have been patched in whenever they wanted. But they forgot the most important thing AE lacks....MULTIPROCESSOR SUPPORT!!!!!! Hello Adobe...Dual Xeon Golds here and I can't render much faster than a consumer-grade I7. I should be rendering at light speeds, but nope. Still don't understand the reasons Adobe will not support anything other than basic desktop level hardware any kid can buy for $1k.

September 13, 2018 at 5:07AM

Motion Designer/Predator

Could not agree more.

My 5yr old, quad core macbook virtually keeps up with my 24 core, 128GB RAM, Quadro P6000 workstation. And that's not an endorsement of the macbook, but an infuriating truth about how bad AE is at using resources.

We've started looking at Nuke and Fusion. I think we'd recover the cost of Nuke relatively quickly compared to how long we spend waiting for AE to process anything.

September 13, 2018 at 5:24AM

Richard Lewis
3D Specialist

I don't mean to diminish the issues you guys have but is there a reason why you don't just go for a beefier GPU if CPUs aren't working for you? I don't know the real reason but I assume the render pipeline has changed and they found there were more universal performance improvements when using GPUs across platforms than CPUs. And to my understanding Quadro cards don't really do anything when it comes to programs like AE and Premier, etc. Different architecture.

Again just curious.

September 13, 2018 at 9:35AM


Primarily my workstation is built for 3D work using 3ds max, but it has to do AE work as well because I can’t justify a second workstation on top of a $15k machine. But to be honest, other staff in the office have different priorities and have Titans and 1080s and the AE performance is just as bad. They do see some improvements in Premiere compared to my Quadro. But not in AE.
My understanding is the architecture between Quadro and GEForce is largely the same but the drivers are different. And the Quadros are available with a lot more Video RAM. Which I use/need.
So I guess my answer is two fold. I need the Quadro for other things, and the top GEforce cards don’t improve AE performance over my setup anyway.

September 13, 2018 at 2:11PM

Richard Lewis
3D Specialist

Adobe CC 2021 will melt AE and PR into one program.

September 15, 2018 at 5:27AM