EditReady, if you don't already know, is the fastest transcode application on the street. 

While you can use other applications for transcoding, EditReady is designed specifically from the ground up for making life as easy as possible when you're bringing footage from set and into post. With a great set of tools for making multiple versions, renaming, reframing, and retiming, EditReady has gained ground in post for its combination of power within a simple interface.


EditReady is now the first outside vendor on the street to support Blackmagic Raw, which is big news. In 2018, both Apple (with ProRes Raw) and Blackmagic (with Blackmagic Raw) released "edit friendly" raw codecs designed to make life easier through post while offering the benefits of raw. However, from the time of its release, ProRes Raw has been closed (you can only open it in Final Cut Pro X), while Blackmagic Raw had an open SDK.

Thus, within a few short months of release, we are already seeing support from other vendors begin to roll out for Blackmagic Raw. That it starts with EditReady isn't a surprise (EditReady is often fast to enable new features and formats), but it is enjoyable that it's a tool that directly competes with a Resolve dailies workflow. It says a lot about the ambitions and goals Blackmagic has in making it open. They want it to be used.

For now, ProRes raw is being used by Apple (at least partially) to get users to give Final Cut Pro X another look. We suspect that we'll see Apple roll out the open SDK for ProRes Raw sometime later on in 2019.  On top of Blackmagic Raw support, you can now set in-and-out marks in clips to cut down on transcodes, and you can span clips that were previously broken down due to issues like 4GB file limits on cameras such as the XT-3.

Available now for $49.95.

Tech Specs:

  • Clip trimming –  in and out marks transcode a region of the clip
  • Blackmagic Raw support
  • Better integration of macOS 10.14 Mojave dark mode