April 12, 2018
NAB 2018

Gecko-Cam Toughens Up Your Vintage Glass

DPs love the look of vintage glass but aging lens bodies might not hold up to modern standards. Rehousing with Gecko-Cam offers a solution.

They knew a few things in the 1970s. How to smoke cigarettes indoors. How to wear polyester pants. How to leave work at the office and enjoy your weekend. They really knew how to make beautiful images with their glass, with vintage lenses being a highly treasured look for many DPs. However, what they didn't always know was how to build solid, reliable lens houses that would stand up to modern production tolerances 40 years later. (In fairness, maybe we don't know how to do that now either; let's check back in 40 years.)

To fix that issue, Gecko-Cam is rehousing vintage Zeiss High Speed lenses into their new Stealth glass, which are designed to be as rigorous and durable as a modern housing but with that vintage look we all love so much. 

Check out Gecko-Cam for more.

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Michael laughing when he said 3,600 euro's to rehouse my 1970 AE-1 lens was my favorite part.

April 17, 2018 at 4:28PM, Edited April 17, 4:28PM

Roberto Serrini
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