Breaking molds and experimenting with form is part of the very definition of being an independent filmmaker, so it’s not surprising that in the age of peak TV, we are among those creating episodic programs in new and inventive ways. The Sundance and South by Southwest Film Festivals—stalwarts of the American indie scene—have both recognized this trend by including new indie episodic sections in their lineups this year.

"Having so many different episodes allowed each one to have a different tone and style. It gave us a lot of freedom."

In this episode, you'll meet three creators of shows that were featured in Sundance’s episodic section: Tonya Glanz of The Adulterers, Cesar Mazariegos of High & Mighty, and Nash Egerton of Mr. InBetween. Their shows vary radically in terms of their subjects, styles, and productions. One shot six episodes in four days, and another shot the equivalent of a three-hour movie over six weeks—but they all have something in common. Each creator expressed how much freedom they felt working in this burgeoning medium, unrestricted by duration, platform and traditional production rules. I think you’ll really enjoy hearing from these three creative filmmakers about how they got their series off the ground and stretched production dollars across multiple episodes.

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This episode was edited by Jon Fusco. Featured image from HIGH & MIGHTY, courtesy of Stage 13.