As esoteric and otherworldly as anything David Lynch has ever created, this four-part "mini" miniseries of commercials promoting Georgia Coffee was released in the early 1990s after the initial ratings boom of Lynch's mega television hit, Twin Peaks.

Made for Japanese audiences, these commercials feature Twin Peaks lead Kyle MacLachlan reprising his role as Agent Dale Cooper, an inquisitive detective who has an unorthodox style of solving crimes. A young girl has gone missing, and through a series of bizarre (but thematically appropriate clues), it's up to Cooper and a fellow local law enforcement agent to find her. Could she be trapped somewhere in The Black Lodge? Perhaps.

Watching this series of commercials now, some 25 years removed from their initial airing, it's fascinating to see how Lynch maintained his auteurist style while working on "branded content" such as this. Even the obligatory moment where the coffee product is introduced (complete with entrance by lightning bolt!) feels somehow pitch-perfect for this story. It's not easy selling coffee in a can, but when it comes endorsed from one of television's most well-known coffee-drinking characters, the job is a little easier. The Japanese subtitles and international production aspects only add to the innocently choppy flow of the narrative.  

Be sure to watch all four thirty-second TV spots below.

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