[Editor's note: major spoilers ahead in video below].

Luca Guadagnino's remake of Suspiria has been a divisive film for both critics and audiences alike. It's certainly a long way away from Dario Argento's original, whose Giallo gore score painted screens with brightly colored plasma. But there are more than a few moments in Guadagnino's version where modern horror fans can stop and appreciate some of the make-up innovations we've developed since 1977. 

Amazon Studios has released a new featurette on the makeup work in the film, featuring an interview with Mark Coulier (Prosthetic Makeup Designer) and a look behind-the-scenes in the making of the film. No matter how divisive reactions to the film may have been, I think we can all agree that the work his team did for the picture is outstanding.

Specifically, the video dives into how they pulled off the infamous mirror room scene. In it, one dancer is actually outfitted with extra appendages that bend and fold to match the bewitching movements of Susie Banon in the studio above. The work of the make-up team matched with the physicality of the dancer truly molds together in a way that is uncannily disturbing and unlike anything we've ever really seen before in the genre.

Coulier also describes the process behind developing a few of the bloodier moments in the film where protagonists are gutted from head to toe. Full body prosthetics suits were conceived to pull off some of the trickier skin-tearing moments. 

On a side note, holy shit, how many people did Tilda Swinton play in this movie?