Viewing images is easy for consumers. Between Instagram and Facebook and Imgur, there are ways for consumers to easily organize their images and share with friends. For filmmaking professionals, however, the problem is more complicated and hasn't quite been cracked. We share images with teams of people that often need to remain highly private.  A variety of commenting tools are needed, both next to and on top of the image. There might be numerous revisions of an image as it comes closer to being final art.

Whether it's recording previz materials, photos from a location scout, art for a poster or campaign, or whatever else professional filmmakers do with images, the solutions are currently cobbled together. hopes to solve all of those dilemmas with its new image review tool.

Considering the thought and attention that has gone into the video review tool from, it's no surprise that the company has put a similar amount of depth into building tools that address the pain points of working filmmakers and teams. With a zoom tool, drawable annotations on top of the image, comments on the side, and organization, it should help filmmakers collaborate more quickly with less confusion than simply emailing an image back and forth while notes pile up ad infinitum.

FrameCredit: Frame.IO

While many of the examples are demonstrating its use as a final review tool for advertising and promotion images, we're frankly most excited about this tool as a previz and scout organizer.  Countless times after a scout day the images end up in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder or a private Facebook group where the commenting and organization isn't conducive to a team making organized decisions. With these tools from it should be easier to take an overhead of a location and draw out camera positions and where trucks should park and base camp should be built, and engage in a conversation with the team to make sure those are the correct, approved decisions.  Those might not make for as beautiful final images, but if they make the filmmaking process smoother and give us more time to be creative on set, we're excited to have them.

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