Are you an aspiring trailer editor?  A savvy advertiser?  A lover of title sequences?  Or are you just simply intrigued by the opportunity to, as Filmsupply puts it, "win enough cash to bathe in?"  Well, you're in luck:  Filmsupply's Edit Fest is happening NOW. 

Screen_shot_2019-10-04_at_4*Not an actual photo of the winningsCredit: D23 Dive Into Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin

Filmsupply is providing access to their library of footage, as well as material from Boom Library and Musicbed, to create a killer Title Sequence, Movie Trailer, or Advertisement for Edit Fest.  A Grand Prize and a Runner Up Prize will be granted for each category, containing such goodies as cash, Filmsupply credit, and BorisFX Subscriptions.  There will also be a People's Choice Award, determined by a 7 day voting period, which has a B&H Gift Card and library subscriptions up for grabs.  The 2019 judges for the EditFest include Creative Directors and leaders from across the industry, and, winners will receive personalized feedback on their submission.

There are, as usual, a few rules.  More than 50% of your film has to come from Filmsupply's library of footage (it IS called the Filmsupply EditFest after all) and, you're limited to 60 seconds or less to show your glory (technically, the entry can be 64 seconds with the bumper, which is also required).  

Sound fun?  To get started, head to the Filmsupply website and download the starter kit, a PDF file listing the rules and prizes.  The official closing date is October 10th at 11:59CST (that's Central Time Zone!).  

Need a little inspiration?  Check out this featured example from Filmsupply's Challenge a few years ago.

Good luck!

Featured Image from Filmsupply Edit Fest Starter Kit: