Blackmagic has stepped out of the software lab again with the release of Camera Setup 6.8.1. If you are URSA Broadcast camera owner it's an update worth noting as the firmware improves compatibility with J series Canon B4 lenses and updates the URSA Studio Viewfinder

J Series Canon B4 lenses are broadcast friendly parfocal lenses that hold focus when zoomed. Broadcasts, like a sporting event, prefer parfocal lenses as operators can change the focal length without altering the focus. This way an operator can zoom in on a subject, set the focus, and zoom all the way out and the lens will maintain the same point of focus. Parfocal lenses tend to be better with focus breathing as well. The Blackmagic URSA Broadcast camera is now more streamline with the J series Canon B4 lenses. 

To update from Camera Setup 4.0 or above its advides to export your presets and LUTs onto a card prior as they will be removed during the update. It's also worth nothing the software installer no longer installs the Desktop Video or UltraScope and they will need to be downloaded separately. If you have a Cinema Camera or Production Camera 4K you can use UltraScope via Thunderbolt. 

Be sure your device is plugged in a main power supply before running the update. When updating Blackmagic Camera Fiber Converter you will need to use the URSA 12V power supply rather than SMPTE fiber during the update.

Camera Setup 6.8.1

New features for URSA Broadcast

  • Improved compatibility with J series Canon B4 lenses.

New features for URSA Studio Viewfinder

  • Manufacturing software improvements.

Other Blackmagic camera models have no new features in Camera 6.8.1. You can download the update here