Pedercini, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, took the footage from Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair. That's a 1996 simulation game that allowed a player to "produce" and edit a movie with Spielberg's guidance. The player was able to choose from pre-recorded clips using different shots and angles. The clips starred Jennifer Aniston, Quentin Tarantino, and even Penn and Teller.

This seems like something that could have been lost to that early era of PC gaming, but Pedercini took the footage from what he dubs a "a terrible '90s CD-ROM" and made his own version with incredible new choices, which he released over the weekend.

Yes, you can play this right now. And it's amazing.

The first choice involves picking between a "calm Tarantino" and "manic Tarantino," and you can probably guess which one I picked.

Manic TarantinoCredit: Knowledge Adventure

We then meet Aniston's character, Laura, at a magic show. Apparently, she's trying to solve the murder that Tarantino is falsely accused of just in time to stop his execution.

Does it make total sense? No, but some of the choices are delightfully insane. At one point, if you choose "comedy Tarantino," you get to listen to the director ramble on about how he's never seen Solaris all the way through or figured out how to properly set his VCR. Later, you get to decide if Aniston defeats Penn and Teller in a backstage fight scene. Incredible.

Did you play the game yourself? What ending did you get? Did you save Tarantino from the electric chair or not? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Paolo Pedercini