When you hear the name 7Artisans, you should think about lenses. Cheap, manual lenses. The kind that gives you character more than precision without breaking the bank.

Now, the company has taken that approach and moved into audio by introducing the 7Artisans Wireless Lavalier system for a price that would have anyone do a double take.

But is that a good thing? Don't you get what you pay for? Let's find out.

A $109 Wireless Lav System

You'd think for that price, the 7Artisans Wireless Lav kit would look, well, "affordable," right? But the whole kit looks well built and ready to compete with the competition from Hollyland, DJI, and Røde.

The entire kit is similar to recent releases on the market, with one receiver and two transmitter mics that fit into a compact charging case. With up to 20 hours of battery life when using the case, creatives will find many welcome features, such as omnidirectional pickup, dual channel recording, multi-tiered gain control, and auto-pairing.

It also comes with a hardware-based noise reduction feature that should give you clear audio even in difficult situations.

Image of DPS noise reduction feature for the 7Artisans Wireless Lav system.

A bold claim that we're excited to test out.

Credit: 7Artisans

The transmitters can also connect to smartphones and tablets via USB-C or traditional cameras via a 3.5 mm TRS to TRS cable. Individually, the units can run for up to six to eight hours on their internal battery power and can be charged to full in about an hour and a half, according to 7Artisans.

Using the 2.4GHz frequency band and what 7Artisans calls “adaptive frequency modulation,” creatives can expect a transmission range of up to 100 meters, which is around 328 feet for all the folks in the US.

picture of one receiver and two transmitter mics from 7Artisans.

The kit comes with one receiver and two transmitter mics.

Credit: 7Artisans

An Aggressive Play

7Artisans is really making a strong effort with its first audio solution by packing loads of welcome features into a price point that is hard to beat. But is this a tool for you?

If you're a vlogger or documentary filmmaker or find yourself doing fast-paced interviews, this is definitely a tool you should look into.

You can pick up one right now via the 7Artisans website.

Picture of the 7Artisans Wireless Lav Kit

The full kit with charging case.

Credit: 7Artisans

However, the quiet voice in the back of our minds is telling us to be cautious. You get what you pay for, right? It's unclear what sacrifices 7Artisans made to get this lav system out at such a price point, but we'll definitely find out when the mics are finally being used out in the wild.