When RØDE announced the Wireless GO audio system, YouTubers and independent shooters kinda lost their minds. Here was a wireless filmmaking setup that had a microphone integrated into it that could be attached to a DSLR or smartphone via 3.5mm TRS jack for getting on-the-go audio at a very affordable price.

That's RØDE's wheelhouse, to be sure. And now, they've added the Lavalier GO mic to make interviewing and hosting with audio a lot less intrusive.

Before we go over the Lavalier GO's specs, pricing, and availability, let's get into a little bit of RØDE history, as well as which holes in the market it fills.

You may remember the RØDE Wireless Filmmaker Microphone Kit, which was a RØDElink wireless transmitter and receiver system that could capture audio from over 100 meters away and transmit to your camera. It had a 2.4Ghz WiFi with 128-bit encrypted stream so that your audio could be kept secure from an overly congested WiFi band. The receiver could also support up to ten RØDElink transmitters, so you could have one for every star in your scene. But it was pretty hefty at 190 grams and measuring 111x65x52mm for both the transmitter and receiver.


The Wireless GO System, by contrast, was half the size and seven times lighter. It also included a built-in microphone so you really didn't have to have any supporting mics. Just clip it to the talent's shirt and it acted as a defacto lav mic. It worked, and offered audio with -0dB, -6dB or -12dB to match standard recording inputs, and supported up to eight transmitters in the process. But it also came at a price, as the range of the Wireless GO dropped to 70m line of sight. That's not bad though, considering it's $200 cheaper.

R\u00d8DE Lavalier Go Mic

Shooters, however, also wanted to have a high-performance lav mic to isolate the audio and avoid shirt noises. Third-party mics were supported out the gate, but now, RØDE has created the Lavalier GO, a broadcast-grade lav mic with a 3.5mm TRS jack connector, and a 4.5mm omnidirectional condenser capsule. It's optimized to work with the Wireless GO system, but RØDE says that the Lavalier GO will support any device with a 3.5mm TRS mic input that supplies plug-in power. It's even compatible with smartphones using the RØDE SC4 TRRS adapter.

Tech Specs

  • Acoustic principle: permanently polarized condenser
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Output impedance 3k Ω typical
  • Signal to noise ratio: 67 dB
  • Equivalent noise: 27 dB typical
  • Maximum SPL: 110 dB
  • Sensitivity: -35dB (17.8mV @94dB SPL)
  • Dynamic range: 83dB typical
  • Power requirements: powered from plug-in power TRS socket (2.7V)
  • Output connection: gold-plated TRS plug

R\u00d8DE Lavalier Go Mic and accessories

And if you've been using the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit, there's even more good news, as RØDE is finally making the RØDELink Lavalier with locking connector available to buy as well.

Cost for the RØDE Lavalier GO is $99, but you can get it at Adorama for 20% off, a very affordable $79. Comes with microphone and kevlar reinforced cable, foam pop filter, lavalier mic mounting clip, and a handy carrying bag. It's shipping now from RØDE and will be available in stores in the coming weeks.

RØDE Lavalier GO