Stock footage sites are everywhere and many of them offer some great footage at an equally great price point. However, this up-and-coming company is one that you might want to keep your eye on because it not only offers gorgeous clips with different, affordable buying options, it also is the first to offer 8K footage.

Savage Stock, co-founded by cinematographers Luke and Marika Neumann, has a lot of the benefits that filmmakers and editors look for: diverse library, beautiful footage, and prices that don't make you wince every time you click on the drop down. But the one thing that Savage Stock has that others don't is 8K footage

Now, you might be thinking, "Yeah, 8K is great...but at what cost!!!???" Well, if we're talking about monetary cost, it actually won't give you the aneurysm you think it will. You can get unlimited HD, 4K, and yes, 8K downloads for $50/mo., making Savage Stock one of, if not the, most affordable stock footage site out there.

Pricing depends on how you decide to pay for your assets. Maybe you only need a couple of clips for a small project and, like a lot of filmmakers, aren't interested in paying for yet another subscription. Savage Stock allows users to buy assets a la carte at different resolutions (HD, 4K, and 8K), but, to be fair, it's definitely clear that purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription is going to save you a ton of money in the long run. 


Plans and Pricing

Again, Savage Stock allows you to choose how you pay for your clips. You can go the a la carte route and pay for individual assets ($39 for HD, $79 for 4K, $199 for 8K), you can use "Savage Tokens" to buy clips, or you can pay for a monthly or yearly plan that gives you a certain number of video and music downloads per month. Yearly plans will save you 25%.


This is definitely the most affordable option, but you're not going to get 8K. You will get 5 HD and 2 4K downloads per month, as well as 5 music downloads. You will also receive 250 Savage Tokens monthly to be used to purchase clips.

  • Monthly: $10
  • Annually: $90


With this plan, you'll get 20 HD, 10 4K, and 1 8K download per month, as well as 20 music downloads. You'll also receive 1000 Savage Tokens monthly, which, to put it into perspective, affords you one 8K clip.

  • Monthly: $20
  • Annually: $180


If you work with a lot of stock footage, you might be more suited for this plan because it gives you unlimited downloads of all assets, including HD, 4K, 8K, and music tracks.

  • Monthly: $50
  • Annually: $360


Within the first few minutes of checking out the site you'll realize Savage Stock utilizes talented cinematographers. Clips are shot using top-of-the-line cameras, including the RED Epic Helium, as well lower tier (but still bomb af) shooters like DJI's Zenmuse X5S, the Lumix GH5, and the Canon 5DS R to capture great aerials, landscapes, cityscapes, timelapses, and more.

The layout and search options are also good. You can search collections as well as individual clips, sort assets based on popularity, alphabet, or most recent, and use the Video Filter sidebar to find clips based on resolution and categories (horror, animals, food, etc.). You can also click on tags to find aerials, timelapses, business, nature, and much more. 

At the end of the day, the benefits I think filmmakers will like most about Savage Stock is its payment options. Don't need a ton of clips? Cool, buy a la carte and be done. Need a lot of clips? Cool, grab a subscription that fits your needs and be done. It's simple, the assets are high-quality, 8K is available, and both clips and subs are more affordable than others out there.

Head on over to Savage Stock and take a look for yourself. Subscriptions are on sale now, so if you are interested, it'd be wise to do that sooner rather than later.

Source: Savage Stock