One of the biggest movies of the year, and biggest franchises of the time has become the subject of a ridiculous "short cut" ending from the fan community. Star Paul Rudd was forced to recognize it (see video below) so we could simply no longer look the other way. It also made us wonder: how often do movies and screenwriters have to ignore what could be a "quick fix" to their plots main tension in order to maintain a longer story arc? 

There is even a meme format for that, where fans end a story prematurely by adding in a simple line of dialogue that could have defused everything. 

This particular rewrite is a bit more... ''involved".

Here is the thing: Thanos took a lot of characters we love. He hurt us, all of us, and we have been waiting for about a year for our revenge. It's hard to fathom how the Avengers will be able to get Thanos back for all he did to them. But a new theory, born on a healthy and productive place called the internet, has gained some traction, and a ton of memes.

It seems as if the only way to defeat Thanos is to employ one of Earth's tiniest heroes, Ant-Man, and to have him crawl between those purple butt-cheeks under Thanos's briefs, enter his body, and expand so Thanos explodes. 

429Credit: Know Your Meme

Yup, we are gonna go there. 

As I mentioned, this concept was born on Reddit, and has been hotly debated. 

To me, it seems like they could just go into Thanos's nose and then squish his brain. But given all his power I think he could just plug his nose or snot-rocket out Ant-Man and foil that plan. 

There are other entries to the body they could employ as well. Since Thanos is not a human, it's hard to speculate what his insides might be like, and therefore we can only go by the fact that he has humanoid characteristics, so I feel like Ant-Man going inside and expanding to 65 feet would tear him a new one.  

But, or butt, Thanos is pretty thicc, and I think the second Ant-Man started to expand he'd feel it and snap his way out again. Or clench his cheeks and crunch our poor guy.  

Thanos_butt_2Credit: that_guy_hydra / Reddit

Watch this video from for Paul Rudd's take on the whole thing. 

It seems like all of Twitter is abuzz with theories and dissecting. What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments! 

There are lots of great theories, but in all seriousness, writing to fill plotholes can be maddening. 

If your characters exist in a magical universe, you have to hope the audience is willing to suspend disbelief. You should find a way to make sure your story seems iron clad, but know at the end of the day someone might troll you with ridiculous theories. Keep your head up and keep writing. Have a sense of humor. 

And learn to love the internet.  

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And debate the best way to kill Thanos in the comments.